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Soul of Seoul

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A friend in Australia sent me a link to a great urban project in Seoul, South Korea. In 2005 the Cheonggyecheon River in Seoul was restored as a natural and public amenity. The river had previously been tunneled with an elevated freeway built on top of it, but in a move that would make John Norquist proud, the mayor of Seoul championed an effort to restore the river and create a wonderful urban gathering place.

Click here to see for yourself on Picasaweb. The photos were taken by a friend of mine, Suzanne Burrows, who curretnly lives in Seoul. Remember as you watch the slide show, a freeway used to be here.

For more information on the Cheonggyecheon River project, click here for a summary extracted from a 2006 report by Chan-Gon Kim, Ph.D, the Director-General, Seoul Metropolitan Government.

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