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Little Infill Revisited by ULI

Dateline: 9:20 am February 28, 2011 Filed under:

I was happy to see ULI’s online magazine take up the issue of Little Infill in a recent article post. You must be a member to read, but regardless, the article picked up on a theme I started last year in an Urban Land article called Little Infill.

In the Little Infill article, I made the case that smaller projects, fewer than 100 housing units and 10,000 commercial square feet (be they mixed-use or not) are often overlooked by investors, and are difficult to design, finance and get approvals for. And yet, they represent a trememdous infill opportunity wholly supported by current demographics and living choices, and even by NIMBY’s after they are built and it is understood that they improve rather than destroy neighborhoods.

I looked at examples around the country and identified challenges and solutions for developers, lenders, designers, planners, city officials and neighbors. I write about this stuff, make presentations about it, and discuss it whenever I find a sympathetic ear. Good work, ULI, for keeping this issue in front of us, because there is tremendous opportunity to create more Little Infill.

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