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Chicago and Denver in the New York Times

Dateline: 12:02 pm November 26, 2007 Filed under:

Two articles appear in the New York Times today that strike a particular chord with me. What is more urban than the alley? Well, Chicago is installing permeable pavement in its alleys as a means to reduce stormwater runoff. This was being discussed a year ago when I was researching an article about green development in Chicago, and I’m thrilled to see the alleys actually being built. Read the Chicago article here .

Those of you familiar with Colfax Avenue in Denver will want to read about zoning changes and redevelopment occurring to the area just east of the state capitol. I’ve long been interested in this eclectic section of street. I am even more pleased to see the article features a photograph of Pete’s Kitchen, the first place I ever ate breakfast in Denver (like Al’s Breakfast, I have a nose for finding good greasy spoons). Read the Denver article here.

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