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The Continuing Story of the Far West Side

Dateline: 8:32 am March 31, 2008 Filed under:

In 2004 I wrote a story for Urban Land entitled A Far West Side Story about the plan for a major redevelopment of the Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s far west side. In addition to a monstrous amount of office and housing, it was to be home of the new Jets stadium, which would also help the city attract the 2012 Olympics. In 2005 of course, London was awarded the Olympics and the far west side plans went in to flux.

The plan has been revived of late, led by developer Tishman Speyer. It has generated extensive coverage in the New York Times, including an architecure review and an editorial response. Read the responses for yourself and feel free to comment, to me or to the New York Times. And stay tuned.

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