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Stop the Big Dig West

Dateline: 8:26 am March 17, 2011 Filed under:

The tension is palpable in Seattle as an effort to get the Alaskan Viaduct replacement up for public vote (again). The tunnel replacement currently being proposed is a bad idea for Seattle, as it is excessively costly and not good urbanism. Not to mention it isn’t needed – the city has reduced its driving in the past decade while increasing population.

But don’t let me tell you. Just read this article in The Stranger here. For those worried about the gridlock that will occur if there is no tunnel built, consider this article in the Seattle Times. Think about it.

In the name of public safety, I sincerely hope the Alaskan Way Viaduct can be closed and dismantled before nature and/or gravity does it for us. In the name of good urbanism, I hope it is not replaced by the currently proposed tunnel. Seattle will be better off without it.

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