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Sam Schwartz, The M.T.A. and Penn Station

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It is always exciting when good urban ideas make it in to the mainstream media, particularly the New York Times. On that note, I was happy to see Bill Keller’s recent Times Op-Ed about Sam Schwartz. In it, Mr. Keller prescribes some sensible transportation solutions for New York City, most of which are the ideas of Sam Schwartz. It is well worth reading, as it includes solutions for trains, buses, cars and even bikes, and a sensible way to pay for it all that could result in an additional $1.2 billion for the MTA.

More provocatively, Keller ties Schwartz’s ideas to another recent New York Times article that featured Michael Kimmelman’s plan for Penn Station.

I’ve traveled through Penn Station and understand its, um, drawbacks. I also understand that New York’s transit funding has a similar relationship to all modes of transportation, and its solutions, while at a different scale, should be watched closely by metro areas across the country. Keller points out that a major investment bank believes Schwartz plan is worth a $15 billion bond issue – nothing to sneeze at. The transportation funding system for all modes is broken across the country and the outlook is bleak. It is quite possible Sam Schwartz’s ideas won’t be implemented or even listened to, but it is worth paying attention to any innovative transportation funding solutions wherever they emerge, be it New York or anywhere.

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