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CNU 19 in Madison

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Aaah, Madison. I’ll be there tomorrow through Sunday at CNU 19. I will be part of a CNU team blogging about the conference, and I encourage you to follow us at

I’ll be covering a tour of Milwaukee led by former mayor and current CNU President John Norquist, as well as in-depth sessions on Retrofitting Suburbia, how to implement walkable thoroughfares (not as easy as you think!), a tour of Middleton Hills, presentations by William Cronon (professor at UW Madison) and Will Allen (founder of Growing Power), a Q and A with Ed Glaeser (author of Triumph of the City), and a lively smackdown between new urbanism founder Andres Duany and landscape urbanist Charles Waldheim. Say what you will, I think sparks will fly during that “discussion.”

I’ll also be bringing you asides from around Madison, including the Memorial Union Terrace, Brocach Irish Pub, the farmers market on the Capitol Square, and other great urban places. Stay tuned to the CNU Live Blog website and to the Joe Urban website. For those of you not heading to Madison, you are missing out. For the rest of you, we’ll see you real soon, and On Wisconsin!

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