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Lenox Village

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Fans of the new urbanism should be aware of Lenox Village in Nashville. I recently completed a case study on Lenox Village for the Urban Land Institute’s online Development Case Studies, and it is one of very few new urbanism projects that both achieves a successful mix of uses while also providing a mix of housing prices, including that which is moderately-priced.

The developer, Dave McGowan of Regent Homes, clearly did his homework, and has successfully built and sold a mix of attached and detached homes, including condominiums, to various specific target markets. He takes special pride in the fact that teachers and fire fighters have bought at Lenox Village. Whereas countless new urbanism projects achieve wonderful design but cater exclusively to the upper end of pricing, Lenox Village is an affordable diamond in the rough.

A couple things were critical to the success of Lenox Village. City government was flexible and allowed a Looney Ricks Kiss-created Design Overlay to determine community form, including setbacks and street widths. Thorough research and analysis identified target markets, ensuring the product has buyers. And overall it has a good feel that is already lived-in and not too fake or forced. Lenox Village even has a neighborhood pub.

Find out more at ULI’s Development Case Studies website (it does require an annual subscription, but the nominal fee is worth it).

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